Celebrity Perfumes

2004 was the year that celebrity perfume lines flooded the market. Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, Donald Trump, and several other celebrities all launched a new fragrance during this year. Since then, celebrity scents have continued to dominate the fragrance market.

The Popularity of Celebrity Fragrances

If you are interested in buying a celebrity fragrance then you should buy one based on what it smells like and not on the popularity of the celebrity. The popularity of these celebrity perfumes has been hit and miss. Because of this some celebrity perfumes have been taken off the market, while others still continue to sell well. If you buy a perfume based solely on whose name is on the bottle, then chances are that it will go out of style before you finish the bottle. However, if you like the scent then you won’t care if the fragrance is out of style or not.

Britney Spears Introduces Curious

Britney Spears has launched several scents over the last few years, however, one of her more popular scents is Curious. This perfume offers a flowery scent that has notes of Jasmine and Louisiana magnolias. This is a great perfume for young women.

Beyonce Knowles Introduces True Star

Beyonce Knowles took advantage of her star power when she launched her new scent True Star back in 2004. This perfume is a clean and fresh scent that has floral undertones. This perfume is great for everyday use, and it is appropriate for women of all ages.

Paris Hilton Introduces Paris Hilton

Yes, it’s true. Paris Hilton has entered the music world, the fashion world, the tabloids, and now the fragrance market. Her perfume Paris Hilton, is a fruity scent that combines frozen apple s and mimosa blossoms. This scent is a great addition to a trendy lifestyle.

Jessica Simpson Introduces Taste

If you like to smell like dessert then Jessica Simpson’s perfume Taste may be just what you are looking for. This perfume is designed for women. It smells like a combination of white chocolate and coconut cream. It makes a great after dinner scent.

Donald Trump Introduces Donald Trump: The Fragrance

If you are looking for a spicy and peppery man’s cologne then Donald Trump may have what you are looking for. His men’s fragrance Donald Trump: The Fragrance has been on the market since 2004.

Other Celebrities in the Fragrance Market

Some of the other celebrities that have introduced fragrances include: Ashanti, Antonia Banderas, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Celine Dion, Hilary Duff, Kiss, Michael Jordan, Elizabeth Taylor, Shania Twain, Danielle Steel, Mary Kate & Ashley Olson, Kylie Minogue, and Marilyn Manson.

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