Fashion and Gaming – It’s Here!

The world of fashion has made its way into every channel that ever was. The magical experience of dressing up and transforming a personality charms the young and old alike. Gaming, another intriguing experience that has no age barriers, now joins hands with fashion to provide more fun, creativity,  entertainment and education.

Dress Up Dolls Games – First Things First

It all started with the pretty little, perfect figured digital dolls and their never ending wardrobes. Girls spent hours with these online games mixing and matching dresses, shoes, makeup and accessories creating their perfectly attired fashionista dolls. Needless to say, the looks created were an extension of the player’s personality and provided many a inspiration in real life.

Dolls go Royal

The everyday, average girl dolls went from school girl next door to every kind of princess and rockstars and celebrities you can imagine. Now you got more polished versions of the dress up games with detailed, expensive, designer clothes and shoes. The makeup went top notch with choices for the perfect shade of foundation and control over the amount of blusher. You can now dress up everyone from Cinderella to Lady Gaga.

Fashion Games from Wii, Nintendo and Playstation

The world’s most loved gaming consoles have added a range of Fashion themed games to their lists. Wii has the popular ‘Project Runway’ converted into a game where aspiring fashion designers can take a shot at being the real thing by creating their own designs and then seeing their designs on a fashion show within the game! Playstation has a number of role play games like TV Superstars where you can dress up and be what you always wanted to be in your lives. Nintendo’s Style Savvy lets you manage your own boutique!

Premium Brands Join the Bandwagon

The Fashion gaming scene now has some big names too. Louis Vuitton has a mobile game called ‘Precious Cargo’. Dress up games for most premium brands are available online. The popular social networking site Facebook also has a number of Fashion games to indulge in.

So, Fashionistas can try their hand at being gaming savvy and learn a thing or two while gaming online!

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