Do-It-Yourself Hair Color Highlights

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for adding highlights to your hair. Highlights will make you look younger, healthier, and it will make you look like you have just returned from a luxury vacation on a tropical island. To get highlights you can go to a salon and pay around $100 for a cut, color, and style, or you can buy a highlighting kit and DIY at home for under $20.

DIY Hair Color Highlights – Step #1

The first step for highlighting your hair is to select a highlighting product to use. If you are familiar with the techniques used for highlighting your hair and have the tools for creating highlights from a kit you used previously then you can save money by simply buying a box of regular permanent hair color. However, most people should buy a highlighting kit. This kit will include gloves, your highlight color, an applicator, and instructions. If the kit comes with a brush for applying the highlights then you will want to pick up a quarter inch or half inch acrylic artist’s brush to apply the highlights with, as they work much better than the cheap brushes that come with highlight kits.

DIY Hair Color Highlights – Step #2

The second step is to prepare your hair for highlighting. Two days before you highlight your base color you will want to use a clarifying shampoo to remove oil, shampoo residue, and styling product residues from your hair. On the day you want to highlight your hair you will not want to shampoo your hair. However, you may want to freshen up your base color. If you freshen up your base color make sure that you let your hair dry completely before adding your highlights.

DIY Hair Color Highlights – Step #3

The next step is mix the hair color. Put on your latex gloves and follow the instructions on the box for activating the dye. Make sure that you are in a well ventilated area.

DIY Hair Color Highlights – Step #4

Step four is to apply the highlights. Make sure your hair is dry before you apply the highlights. Start with the highlights on the back of your head and then work your way to the front of your head. This will help you to avoid smearing the highlights that you have already done. You only want to apply your highlights to the top layer of hair. Concentrate the highlights around your face and around the crown of your head, and then spread them out more towards the bottom of your hair.

DIY Hair Color Highlights – Step #5

Let the hair color sit for the length of time suggested in the instructions. Then wash out the hair color and use the conditioner that came with the kit. Rinse your hair again after letting the conditioner sit for a minute or two. Dry your hair and style it as you normally would. Don’t wash your hair again for at least 24 hours. This will give your color time to set.

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