Tips for Split Ends

Split ends can be caused by a number of things including over exposure to heat, using faulty styling tools that snag your hair, by not keeping up with your hair’s maintenance, by using the wrong styling products, and by not using the right techniques to remove tangles from your hair. If you have developed split ends then you can deal with them by removing the split ends, by camouflaging the split ends, or by using techniques to temporarily fix the split ends.

Wear a Disguise

If you notice that you have split ends but you don’t have the time to deal with them right now then you can hide them. One way to do this is to wear a hat or hair wrap. These items will conceal your split ends and you will still look good. If you are not a hat person then you can also style your hair to hide your split ends. For example buns and braids are both great for hiding split ends. For any fly aways or frizz use a hair gel to smooth down problem areas. While disguises can be a temporary fix, you will want to address your split ends quickly to avoid more serious hair damage.

Use a Moisturizing Shampoo

One way to temporarily repair your split ends is to use a shampoo that has an intense moisturizer added to it. This will help to merge the split ends together for a couple of days. However, it is not a permanent fix.


Another temporary fix for split ends is to use a moisturizing conditioner. When applying this product to your hair make sure that you focus most of the conditioner on the split end. Saturate the tips of your hair with the conditioner and pinch the ends of your hair to help guide the split ends back together.

Use a Flat Iron

If you have a flat iron then you can use this styling tool to help merge your split ends back together temporarily. First, however, you will want to apply a heat protecting serum to your hair. Then use the flat iron to smooth out the bottom 2 inches of your hair.

Nip it in the Bud

The only way to correct split ends permanently is to remove them. To do this you will need to use a good pair of scissors. Hold your hair with your fingers and really examine where the damage is. The damaged section of your hair will be easy to see because it will be lighter in color than your other hair and it will be dry and crunchy. Trim the damaged segments off. Follow up by using a deep conditioning hair treatment to protect the remaining hair from damage, and to stop other split ends from developing.

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