Lip Problems Solved – Chapped Lips, Dry Lips, Peeling, Cuts, Wrinkles etc.

The skin on your lips is very sensitive and fragile. Because of this they can be damaged easily by the elements and even by your makeup. To keep your lips looking their best you need to address lip problems as they develop, as leaving them untreated can lead to further damage and more serious lip problems.

Lip Problem – Chapped Lips

Solution: Chapped lips are the most common lip problem that women deal with on a regular basis. Lips can become chapped because of stress, wind, cold, and heat. To treat chapped lips you can use a variety of over-the-counter products such as chap-stick, lip balm, and lip moisturizers. You can also prevent chapped lips by using a lipstick that has a moisturizer in it, or by using a non-abrasive lip color like a lip stain. During the winter months, or when you spend a lot of time outside in the sun, you should try avoid licking your lips as this will increase the chances that your lips will become chapped.

Lip Problem – Dry Lips

Solution: Dry lips look old and unattractive. Dry lips are caused by damaged skin on your lips, as well as dehydrated tissues. To cure dry lips you need to address both of these problems. First of all you need to provide your lips with the moisture that they need to be healthy. This can be done by using a lipstick that contains a moisturizer, or by using some other form of moisturizing product. Next you will need to address the damaged skin. This can be done by using a lip exfoliator to remove dead and damaged skin, and then treating your lips with a lip balm or lip conditioner that is designed for healing dry lips.

Lip Problem – Wrinkles Around Your Lips

Solution: Wrinkles around your lips usually are signs that you have sun damaged skin. To treat this problem you will need to use a chemical peel or an anti-aging treatment that contains retinol. To prevent sun damage to your lips and to the skin around your lips you should use a moisturizing product that contains an SPF. For example you can use a lipstick with an SPF.

Lip Problem – Cuts in the Corner of Your Mouth

Solution:  Cuts that develop in the corner of your mouth are usually caused by dehydrated tissues. To solve this problem you will need to make sure that you are properly hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and at night you can use a humidifier. Finally use moisturizing face creams and lip treatments.

Lip Problem – Peeling Lips

Solution: If your lips are peeling then chances are you are having an allergic reaction to your makeup, to a food product, or to your medication. To determine what the cause of your allergic reaction is, you will need to evaluate changes that you have recently made to your diet, to your beauty routine, or to your medications. This should help you to isolate what is causing the reaction. To correct this problem you will need to remove the allergen from your life. The damage will then repair itself.

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