Gel Nail Polish and the New One-step Formula

Gel Nail Polishes are the perfect alternative to expensive artificial nails and manicure treatments. We love their ease of applying, the long term effects and the lovely look they give to nails. Here is why you should switch to Soak Off Gel nail polishes right away and our new favorite one-step, time-saving, no base coat gel nail polish formula – B Gel.

Gel Nail Polish and the New One-step Formula

Gel Nail Polishes

If you are reading this article, we do not need to tell you how important it is for girls to keep their nails painted. But nail polish begins to chip after a day or two. And if there is one thing that is uglier than unpainted nails, it is chipped nail paint. Artificial nails are an effective and long term solution, but they are very expensive. A great solution to this problem is the revolutionary Gel Nail Enamels.

Do not confuse gel nail polishes with gel nails. Soak off gel is a thin gel that you apply to the nails just like regular nail polish. You do not need to wait long for it to dry because this gel nail polish dries in minutes under a UV or LED lamp, like gel nails. Soak off gel nail polishes last 2-3 weeks without chipping, which is a BIG plus!

B Gel – The Revolutionary Gel Polish

B Gel is an out and out exceptional product for Gel Polish Lovers. From their revolutionary medical grade formula to the specially designed brush that is wider than other nail polish brushes, the polish is designed to give you the best ever no chip manicure. Here is what we love about B Gel:

1. The extra wide brush that helps in perfect application.

2. One step formula – no base coat or top coat required.

3. Lesser drying time – less than 2 minutes under light, compare to CND Shellac which requires 12-15 minutes under light.

4. A Safer formula which does not affect your nails even when applied directly on to the nails.

5. 71 shades to choose from – from vibrant neons, sparkling glitters, to the classic reds, pinks, and blues.

B Gel was not available outside of Chicago for quite some time, but can be ordered online from The Gel Place now.

Whether you opt to do them at home, or get a perfect manicure at a gel nail salon, gel polishes are now the latest trend and preferred choice for nails and nail art designs. With a drying time of a couple of minutes and a life of several weeks, gel nail enamels are here to stay!

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