Step-by-step Pedicure at Home

Your feet have a lot to deal with during the day. They are kept in hot, sweaty shoes. They have to support the full weight of your body. And they also have to deal with abrasions caused by rubbing against your shoes and other surfaces. To keep your feet looking young and beautiful you should pamper them every once in a while.

Step-by-step Pedicure at Home

1 – Gather What You Will Need

The first step in giving yourself a pedicure at home is to gather your supplies. You will need a foot basin, hot water, aromatherapy essential oils, scrubbing salts, a mild cleanser, a towel, toe nail clippers, a nail file or emery board, mineral oil, and a cuticle pusher. Looking for a luxurious at-home spa experience? Throw in some rose petals and herbal water!

2 – Soak Your Weary Feet

This step is great for relaxing your body, soothing your feet, and preparing your feet for their pedicure. To begin with you will want to fill your foot basin with hot water. After the water is in the basin add a few drops of essential oils to the water. Lavender is great for relaxation. Now sit down and place your feet into the basin. Allow them to soak for between 5 and 15 minutes. If you have dry feet, or calluses, then you may want to extend this time to over 20 minutes. This will allow the skin on your feet to absorb the moisture from the basin.

3 – Exfoliate

Your feet need to be exfoliated periodically to prevent large calluses from developing. A gentle way to exfoliate your feet is to use scrubbing salts or sugars. Rub the salts over your feet making sure to scrub every inch of your feet including between your toes. After your exfoliation treatment you will want to return your feet to their foot bath.

4 – Wash Your Feet

Now that your feet are exfoliated and relaxed you will next want to wash your feet. Use a mild soap with moisturizers to wash your feet. Then remove them from your foot basin and pat them dry with a soft towel. You may want to warm the towel before you use it to add a little more luxury to your pedicure.

5 – Trim Your Toe Nails

Your toe nails should be nice and soft from soaking in the hot water. Trim your nails straight across. Round off your toe nails using an emery board or a nail file. Make sure you file the sides down to prevent ingrown toenails.

Next you will want to rub a little mineral oil, or olive oil, into your toe nails. Then use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles. This will help to promote healthy nail growth.

6 – Polish

If you want to polish your toe nails then this is the time to do it. Start by wiping your toenails with nail polish remover. Pat them dry. Apply a thin coat of polish to your nails. Allow them to dry. Apply a second thin layer. Allow them to dry. Finish with a clear coat to seal your nail polish and add strength to your toenails.

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