Which Skin Type do you have?

There are four main skin types that you can have. You can have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, or normal skin. The type of skin that you have can change over time because of changes in your skin’s health, changes in your body chemistry, and because of changes in your lifestyle. In order to care for your skin properly you need to know what type of skin you have.

Determine Your Skin Type – Step #1

The first step in determining which skin type you have is to simply look at your face in the mirror. Look at the texture of your skin. Does it look smooth and clean, does it look oily and dull, does it look dry and scaly, or do you have a combination of dry dull spots and oily glossy spots? Note your finding in a notebook or on a scratch piece of paper.

Determine Which Skin Type You Have – Step #2

The next step is to feel your skin. Gently run a clean finger over the T-zone of your face. The top of the T-zone is across your forehead. The base of the T-zone is from the middle of your forehead down the line of your nose to your chin. Finally feel the skin on your cheeks. What you are looking for are signs of greasiness or dryness. If your skin is greasy then your finger will get coated with your skin’s oil when you conduct a wipe test. If your skin is dry then you may fee rough spots or scaly spots when you conduct a wipe test. Note your findings in your notebook.

Notice the Reactions – Step #3

The third step for determining which skin type you have is to note how your skin reacts to your makeup, heat, and cold. First of all apply your makeup like you would normally do. Then as the day progresses note how many times you have to touch up your makeup and also note why you are touching up your makeup. For example you will want to note that you have to touch up your foundation with powder three times a day because the liquid foundation seems to be melting or fading. Next, think about what happens to your skin when the weather is hot and when it is cold. Does your skin get extra oily when it’s hot, or does your skin dry out? When it is cold do your lips peel or does your skin seem to dull? Note your findings.

Evaluate – Step #4

The final step is to analyze all of the notes that you made through your skin evaluation. If you have oily skin then your skin will look glossy or dirty most of the time, it will produce an oily residue that coats your finger during the wipe test, and it will interact with your makeup causing it to run throughout the day, especially when it is hot outside. Dry skin will look dull and scaly, it will have rough spots, and it will probably get worse when it is cold or hot. If you have combination skin then you will have a combination of skin conditions and problems that are normally associated with oily and dry skin. If you have normal skin then your skin will look healthy and glowing, it will feel smooth and soft, and it will reduce the amount of times that you will need to reapply your makeup during the day.

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